What kind of holiday accommodation is right for you?

Most people know approximately where they would like to take their holiday, how many people are travelling and when. Strictly speaking, that’s enough to start searching through Kingfisher’s diverse collection of cottages, farmhouses, villas and chateaux.

In fact, there are often lots of other considerations. What are the ages of your party? How do you keep them all entertained? Do you need to bring anything? How will you organise meals? We try to give you lots of information (and pictures) in each of our listing pages. And we’re always on hand to help you choose. Our local and personal approach ensures that we can answer just about any question you might think of, both during the booking process and while you’re on your holiday. These are the benefits of booking through a local specialist.

But to get you started thinking about what accommodation is right for you, we’ve assembled a brief guide that might help narrow down your choices.

First, let’s look at the different types of accommodation. Holiday rentals in France were traditionally known as ‘gîtes’. Happily, the traditional gîte has kept up with modern tastes without losing its character.

Now there’s also a good chance that you’re looking more specifically for a cottage, a farmhouse, a villa or even a chateau. Whatever the format, all Kingfisher holiday rentals share features that assure a comfortable and entertaining vacation. Have a look.

One of the advantages of a holiday rental in the Lot Valley is the opportunity to bring the whole family. You can be sure that there will be something to entertain everyone, no matter what their age. If you have a really large group, you might want to consider a big house holiday. They’re great for large groups on special occasions, especially weddings.

And finally, there’s the small matter of food. Given that it’s France, you will want to sample the best of local cuisine. You’ll probably want to eat out. There are plenty of restaurants. But you won’t want to eat out all the time. Your holiday rental is great for self-catering. It’s great for convenience, for making the most of the BBQ on warm summer afternoons and evenings, and for exploring fresh local ingredients.

Of course, this is all background. To find the holiday home just right for you, search Kingfisher’s listings here. All listings include comprehensive descriptions of the accommodation and its amenities.

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