Privacy Policy

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Kingfisher is a data controller under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Here is our Privacy Policy with regards to that regulation.

We hold personal data, along with business data that can be identified by personal data. We do not hold any sensitive personal data.

We have contractual arrangements with third parties for the processing of our data for our own business purposes.

We do not share any personal data for use by any third parties for their own purposes unrelated to our data processing.

We do share personal data with the owner and manager of the property you rent for the sole purpose of ensuring the smooth operation of your tenancy, for example, for scheduling your time of arrival, and to identify your tenancy for accounting purposes.

Personal Data Controlled by Kingfisher

Kingfisher personal data is stored in France, the United Kingdom or other ‘adequate’ countries as defined by the EU Commission.

Here is a list of how we collect data and the processes and flows related to it:

We collect data that you provide on the Availability Request, Booking and Contact forms on our website.

Blog Comments
When you comment on articles on the Latest News blog, you supply personal data that is recorded in our website’s Content Management System (CMS).

Mailing list
We collect email addresses for a mailing list to which we send a newsletter and other communications relating to our business at irregular intervals.

Passively to us, various technical processes collect IP addresses.

Booking Data

Kingfisher stores the following personal information:

  • We store the name, address, telephone numbers and email address that you provide us as part of the booking process.
  • For other individuals on your booking form, we store only the names you provide.
  • We store the ages of children under 16 that you provide on your booking form. When you record the ages of children as required on the booking form, you must attest to being the child’s legal guardian or having the equivalent authority.

We use the information you provide to communicate with you in conjunction with your booking and tenancy, and to form a contractual arrangement for your booking.

We record the personal data in our internal booking system and retain it for as long as legally required for tax and financial reporting purposes.

We may share your name and mobile telephone number with the owner and manager of the property you are renting to ensure the smooth operation of your tenancy and to identify the tenancy in our accounting records.

Blog Comments

On our website, you may comment on articles on the Latest News blog. 

When you leave a comment, our CMS records your name, your email address and your IP address. 

Your comment will only appear after we have reviewed it (moderation), which may entail contacting you at the email address you have recorded with your comment.

We cannot publish comments that include personal data other than the name recorded by our CMS.

Mailing List

if you have agreed to it, we store your email address to send you our newsletters and other communications about our business at irregular intervals.

If you request to Sign Up on the mailing list joining form, you are added directly to the mailing list.

If you request to join the mailing list on any of the other forms on our website, we add you manually to the mailing list.

Your email address is stored in Mailchimp until you remove it or we remove it at your request.

Technical Processing

In the process of using our website, your IP address is stored by our data processors. 

Our ISP collects IP addresses in system logs for the smooth operation of the website and email servers.

Our website is connected to Google Analytics, which tracks and aggregates activity by anonymised IP addresses. We use Google Analytics to track the behaviour of visitors to our website in aggregate in order to improve the website’s utility to visitors and our sales and marketing.

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

We do not collect individual IP addresses for direct targeting of sales, marketing or advertising activities.

We do not do profiling or automatic decision making with your personal data.

When you click on the Facebook icon or other external hyperlinks, your interactions with those external websites regarding personal data are no longer covered under this Kingfisher policy.

Accountability and Data Management

We are aware of the GDPR guidelines. We do not have a Data Protection Officer and are not required to under Article 37 of GDPR.

Our technical security is up to date. The Kingfisher website operates under the secure HTTPS protocol. Access to our booking system is protected by passwords and firewall.

We will report a data breach involving personal data to the local authorities and to the people (data subjects) involved.

There are contracts in place with our data processors, and you can find their privacy terms as follows:

Simba Hosting (UK)

Website Analytics and reCaptcha

Mailing List

Your Rights under GDPR

Booking and Blog Comments Data

You can request to view, amend or delete personal information held in our booking and CMS systems by emailing us at 

You can also request us to deliver your data to a third party.  We endeavour to act on your instructions and confirm our actions to you within 48 hours.

Such communication will not give rise to the creation of further personal data.

We automatically delete data held in our booking and CMS systems that our business no longer has any use for. We review the data to identify and remove obsolete data annually.

Mailing List

You can request us by email to show you or modify your personal data on our mailing list. 

You can unsubscribe from the mailing list by following the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any mailing we send you through Mailchimp or you may ask us by email to remove you from the list.

Such communications will not give rise to the creation of further personal data.

Mailing list information is held until you request its deletion (either by directly unsubscribing in Mailchimp or via an email request to us).

Technical Data

We do not run an eCommerce system where IP addresses are collected and associated with transactions or customers. 

IP addresses are not associated in our systems with any personal data from our booking system, CMS or mailing list. And in certain cases, they are required to be held by our data processors for legal reasons. Therefore, we may not be able to act on a request to view, amend or delete IP address records.


The Submit button on the Availability, Booking and Contact forms on our website gives your explicit consent to our use of your personal data as described in this policy. (It makes no sense to Submit your data if you do not intend us to process it.)

Pressing the “Sign Up” button on the mailing list form is explicit consent for adding you to our mailing list.

Pressing the “Post Comment” button on a blog comment is explicit consent to publish your comment on our site (provided your comment passes our moderation process), with your name as you have recorded it, but not your email or IP addresses.


We regularly review policies for changes, effectiveness, changes in handling of data and changes to the state of affairs of other countries to which our data flows during data processing.

We will inform you if we make a material change to our privacy policy.

We believe that this, our Privacy Policy, is clear and understandable, but please don’t hesitate to comment or request clarification by emailing Such communication will not give rise to the creation of further personal data.