Holidays in South France – Sample Delicious Wines in the Lot Valley

Holidays in South France – Sample Delicious Wines in the Lot Valley

The picturesque Lot Valley is the perfect destination for holidays in the South France for couples, individuals and families. If you are with a group of adults and want holidays in the South France, Kingfisher’s beautiful gites, farmhouses and villas gives you the chance to mix with the locals, sample the region’s products and explore the real France. For those of you who are adventurous in nature and like to try out the local delicacies and love French cheeses, food and fine wine, this is the place for you. Wherever you choose  to  stay in the Lot Valley, for your holiday in South France, the surrounding vineyards offer plenty of opportunity for wine tasting.

Vineyards are dotted all over the Lot Valley and among the most well-known wines that come out of this region are the world famous Bordeaux and the black wines of Cahors, loved by the Tsars of Russia and enjoyed by Kings and Popes throughout history. In Cahors alone there are around 200 domaines and chateaux in the area and nearly all of them sell wines direct to the public. So if you plan to sample the local wines during your holidays in South France and bring some bottles back home, just use our handy guide to some of the region’s vineyards.

See below for the top ten vineyards to visit, whilst on holiday in the Lot Valley, South France. Like in most areas of France, there is a wide range of local wines available and while red wine is more common in this area, there are also white and rose wines available. Look out for wines from Brulhois, Cahors, Marmandais, Cotes de Duras, Gaillac and Fronton. Duras, Buzet, Bergerac and Madrian wines are also made in small quantities in this region. Wines sold by the producers are relatively inexpensive so they are well worth bringing home with you.

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Holidays in South France: Five Top Vineyards for Lot Valley Wine Tours

1. Chateau Latuc – Mauroux

Chateau Latuc run by Jean-Francois and Genevieve Meyan is definitely worth a visit and offers superb tours in English.  The wine is excellent and they have even won two gold medals in leading French competitions. The vineyards are grouped around a historic church thought to have been built by the English during the hundred years’ war. The soil is planted with two grape varieties – Malbec and Merlot and the wine is made and matured using traditional methods. The vineyard at Laborie, near Cahors, is open from 9 am – 12 noon and from 2 pm – 7 pm, Monday to Saturday. They also open Sundays by appointment. To find out more, telephone 0 (033) 5 65 36 58 63 for more information.

2. Vin du Tsar – Tournon d’Agenais

The vineyards in this area produce a high quality wine: Vin Thezac-Perricard, which attracted wine connoisseurs such as Napoleon III and the President Fallieres.  The latter served the wine to Tsar Nicholas II who was so enamoured by it, he ordered 1,000 bottles. It is how the wine got its name, Vin Du Tsar. You can sample this wine at the Vignerons de Thezac-Perricard, 47370 Thezac. Telephone 0 (033) 5 53 40 72 76. It opens Mon – Fri- 9.15 – 12.15 and 2 – 6; Sat 9 – 12 and 2 – 6; Sun and hols 3 -6;  July and Aug until 7 pm.

3. Chateau du Cayrou – Puy-L’Eveque

Chateau du Cayrou is run by the family of George Douin and offers English tours for about an hour and wine tasting in beautiful settings. The 17th century castle and parkland is regarded as one of the most beautiful wine estates in the area. The vines are 35 years old and most are planted with the Malbec grape variety and 10 per cent with Merlot. Red and rose wine is sold here and the range is very limited, but the wine is extremely good to either drink at your holiday cottage or to take back home. Telephone 0 (033) 6 84 77 89 47 for more information.

4. Chateau Chambert – Floressas

Chateau de Chambert, in Floressas, uses biodynamic methods to produce delicious wine. Bodynamics is the study of how forces such as energy and motion, affect living organisms. The chateau is situated on a 250 acre estate with 145 acres of vineyards. It’s at an altitude of almost 1,000 feet and produces elegant and tasteful wines which are sold to restaurants and specialist wine shops in over 30 countries. Most of the vineyard (90 per cent) is planted with the Malbec grape variety and 10 per cent with Merlot. Telephone 0 (033) 5 65 31 95 75 or more information.

5. Chateau Haut-Monplaisir – Lacapelle-Cabanac

Chateau Haut-Monplaisir is situated west of Cahors in the commune of Lacapelle-Cabanac. The red wines they produce are pure Malbec and have a rich, Claret-like depth but fortunately without the price tag. The winery is in the process of converting over to organic status, although the vineyards have been all but organic for years. For more information telephone 0 (033)5 65 24 64 78

If you want to find an alternative to Cahors Wines, visit the following vineyards:


Haut-Pecharmant, Bergerac, is situated on the summit of a hill. The vines face south and make great wines. Although the plantation is dense, the yield is small, which makes the wines more concentrated. Address: Haut-Percharmant, Peyrelevade-Haut Percharmant, 24100 Bergerac. For more information telephone 0 (033) 5 53 57 29 50.


This charming village on the banks of the River Baise, in the heart of the Garonne Valley, is one of the oldest wine regions in France. It covers 2000 hectares and is bordered by the Garonne on one side and the Landes forest on the other. The climate, together with the local soils, creates an ideal environment for vines. The Buzet wine region gained the Appleation Controlee status in 1973. For more information telephone 0 (033)5 53 84 74 30.


Domaine Chater, in the historic town of St Sernin de Duras, combines traditional and modern techniques to make fine wines that have won national and international recognition. They are open all year round for free tours and wine tasting, and can deliver wines direct to your door.  Tours are in English and French and include a tour of the vineyard followed by wine tasting and the chance to buy. For more information telephone 0 (033) 5 53 64 67 14.

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