Holidays in South France – Enjoy a Taste of Rural France at the Summer Evening Markets

Holidays in South France – Enjoy a Taste of Rural France at the Summer Evening Markets

Taking your villa holidays in South France offers an excellent opportunity to mingle with the locals, practice your French and taste some of the delicious food that the country is famous for.

Kingfisher holidays offers villas, farmhouses and cottages to let in the beautiful Lot Valley – and these are set right in the heart of rural France so you get to experience French life and culture at first hand.

French food is respected all over the globe and the country has long been known for the quality of its produce. France is also known for creating some of world’s most famous – and expensive – delicacies including foie gras and truffles – which you can sample at some of the restaurants during your stay.

If you are taking your holidays in South France in the summer and love French food, no visit will be complete without dropping by at one of the evening markets. The markets are great fun and full of atmosphere and you can sample wonderful local dishes at a reasonable price.

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Holidays in South France – An Atmospheric Evening in the Lot Valley

One of the many enjoyable experiences of holidays in South France is eating out. Chefs in most of the local restaurants use only the freshest ingredients and seasonal produce which they source from local markets.
The food markets are well worth a visit during your holidays in South France. You can find them all over the country, as they are an important part of French culture. The summer evening markets are hugely popular among the locals and tourists alike and are a haven of astronomical delights.

These colourful evening markets are usually held in the village square or main street, which is closed off for this and the traffic re-routed. The markets are a buzz of activity with people of all ages and nationalities including the French locals, tourists, young people, families, the elderly – who all gather in the village square to soak up the atmosphere of the evening – making your holidays in South France even more memorable.

The stalls sell fresh produce which can range from anything from meats, fresh fish, moules, oysters, escargot, cheeses, sausages, ham, seasonal vegetables, and the chefs will cook up an exquisite culinary delight for you. The evenings are a hive of activity with chefs going full flow and crowds mingling around the stalls or tables, chatting and enjoying the evening’s entertainment.

Food at these markets is of high quality and a delight to eat. It is dining al-fresco as it should be, as there are lots of trestle tables and benches set outside on the day. You just choose your seat, browse the local stalls and the chefs will cook for you – some will grill some of the fresh meat that you have bought from the nearby stall, others have set menus for you to select from.

And don’t forget to visit the local wine stalls too to buy from local wine providers, and you can stock up on extra bottles as a memento of your holidays in South France. If you are bringing wine back with you, do bear in mind the stall holders will automatically open the bottle for you at the stall unless you say you are taking it home for later.

For afters, try some of the delicious crêpes, fruit, ice cream, gateaux or pastries. There is live music and entertainment laid on throughout the evening which is great fun and you can dance with the locals well into the night. You can enjoy all types of music including bands, singing, guitar music and accordions.

Holidays in South France – Evening Markets Near You

The evening food markets take place during the summer months and is a real community event which can attract hundreds of people as everyone likes to attend, meet with friends and get involved and support it.

Les Soirées d’Été – Marchés Gourmands Nocturns start from about 7 pm and are held in the following places:

Tuesday – Dausse, Bourg-de-Visa and Laparade

Wednesday – St Mauran & Pujols

Thursday – Penne d’Agenais and Lauzerte

Friday – Beauville and Villeneuve Sur Lot

Saturday – Villeneuve Sur Lot

Holidays in South France – Top Tips For Visitors

  • Go early if you can – before some of the dishes run out
  • Bring a basket so you can take some local produce home with you such as wine, cheeses etc
  • Make sure you have cash on you to pay for everything you need
  • Before choosing what to eat, make sure that you take a good look round as you might see something you prefer at another stall.

Some of the Local Dishes You Can Expect to See Here

You find all sorts of delicious local dishes served up, and foreign ones too. At most of the evening markets you will find local dishes as well as paella (a Spanish dish) and moules-frites (a dish popular in France and Belgium consisting of mussels and French fries). Here are some of the other dishes and specialities you can expect to see during your holidays in South France.

Cassoulet – A hearty French dish which is probably one of the best country dishes in France and is a slow cooked bean stew or casserole containing meat such as pork sausages, goose, duck etc.

Pot au Feu – A French stew which you can find all over France

Garbure – A thick meat, bean and vegetable soup.

Crêpes – A traditional French recipe popular over France. Crepes can either be sweet or savoury and are filled with pretty much anything you like.

Confit – This refers to a technique in preservation. Preserving meat was vital in the past because there were no refrigeration facilities.

Foie Gras – One of the most popular French delicacies and this can be served with toast or meat.

Brie – One of the most famous French cheeses.

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