First of the spring wine

First of the spring wine

Book a Kingfisher villa, gite, farmhouse or cottage between now and the end of April 2019, and you could enjoy a case of fantastic wine from Southwest France on us. Here’s how.

Correctly answer the question below and you’ll be able to register for our prize draw. Then book no later than the 30th of April 2019 and we’ll enter you for the draw.

Which picture matches the clue?

  1. Read the clue below. It describes one of the three places depicted below. But which one? 
  2. Click on the button underneath your choice to reveal whether you’ve chosen the right photo. 
  3. When you’ve chosen correctly, you will be given the chance to register for the prize draw. 

The clue

The picture shows an elevated place in Occitanie by a river where, in 1228, you could find a high ranking man of the cloth under an Arch. The man also counted for something important in Cahors. A first bridge was built here in the 1830’s or 40’s. There is still a landing here from which local wine was transported back then. In those days, you’d be drinking this wine in Bordeaux. Today, you would love to be drinking it while on holiday in a Kingfisher holiday home.

The possible answers

Good luck!

Have a go at the puzzle. We’re sure you can work out the answer. Register for the draw. Book your Kingfisher villa or gite. And then good luck. You may be the one with a case of wine waiting for you when you arrive.

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