Cottages in South France – Renting a Large House or Villa for a Special Occasion

With its beautiful scenery, child-friendly attractions, and delicious cuisine, the Lot Valley is not only an appealing destination for families renting cottages in South France, but also a popular vacation area for those who want to head to warmer climes to celebrate a special occasion. As well as smaller cottages, Kingfisher also offer big house holidays in France, which are perfect for people who want to enjoy a commemorative break with extended family or a large group of friends.

Kingfisher has a stunning range of holiday villas, chateaux, farmhouses and cottages to rent in South France that can accommodate ten people or more. With autumn now upon us, you may want to take advantage of the off peak prices and rent a larger self-catering property which offers flexibility, value for money, and gives you complete privacy and freedom of the property and grounds.

Cottages in South France – click here to see the some of our larger villas, gites and farmhouses, so you can enjoy big house holidays in France.

Why Rent a Large Villa?

Large villas to rent in the Lot Valley are a popular option  to celebrate an engagement, wedding, anniversary, retirement, or a major birthday, such as a 40th, 50th or 60th with friends and loved ones.

In addition to special events, our large villas and cottages offer great value for money for organised vacations. They are ideal for special interest holidays such as walkers, cyclists, writers, artists and yoga or Pilates groups. And, as some villas offer badminton and games rooms,  you have all the facilities to hand to help you relax, unwind and connect with friends.

Is it Possible to Rent Two Adjoining Villas?

If you are two families holidaying together, you may feel that renting two adjoining properties gives you the best of both worlds – it offers the chance to mingle and enjoy privacy as and when you need it.

In addition to large properties, Kingfisher has a variety of adjoining cottages to rent in South France, which may be the perfect solution to your break away.

Off-Peak Weather in the Lot Valley

Not everyone enjoys the heat of the summer, so by taking an autumn or winter holiday you can take full advantage of the cooler weather. At this time of year, temperatures are still pleasant in the Lot Valley and are much higher than in the UK. Temperatures can reach above 20C in October. The cooler temperatures is one of reasons why off-peak holidays are so popular for special interest groups, and Kingfisher villas offer great value for money for organised vacations.

The Benefits of Renting a Large Villa or Cottage than a Hotel for a Special Occasion

Renting a large villa, rather than a hotel brings a number of benefits and we shall spotlight  each of these here:

Privacy so You can be as Noisy as You Like! – If you are renting a larger property for a family occasion, you will want to be as noisy as you like during the celebrations, without having to worry about other hotel guests. A big villa gives you the chance to do this, as the rental is exclusive to your party. It also gives you the freedom to congregate in the living room, or in the gardens, if the weather is fine, so you can relax with a glass of wine or two late into the evening.

You Don’t Need to Rely on Set Menus – Although large villas provide self-catering accommodation, you don’t always have to cook for yourself. With Kingfisher, we can arrange to bring in the caterers, which is a popular option for large groups of holidaymakers, particularly those who are celebrating a big event. So, if you want us to organise a surprise cake, we can do that for you.

You Can Make Yourself at Home in the Kitchen – If you love to cook, there is something truly wonderful about buying local produce and getting together in the kitchen to make something for friends and family. And, if you and your party, are feeling peckish at midnight, you can just reach into the kitchen for a snack, rather than having to rely on room service.

More accommodation for your money – By renting a villa for a large party, you don’t just have one bedroom to relax in; instead, you have the freedom of the whole premises. This includes a pool area (mainly summer months only), private grounds, a sitting room and kitchen. Some properties have additional reception rooms such as a dining room, reading room and more than one living room for you to celebrate in. And if your accommodation has a badminton court, boules area and/or games room, you don’t have to share these facilities with other hotel guests.

Freedom to Set Your Own Agenda – If you are taking a holiday for a special occasion, you won’t want to keep to a hotel schedule for lunches, breakfasts and evening meals. Instead, you may want the freedom to come and go as you please and decide when and where to go, rather than relying on group bus tours.

Babysitting Arrangements Made for You – If you are renting a large villa, Kingfisher can make babysitting arrangements for you, so you can relax in the knowledge that your children are well cared for.

All the At Home Luxuries – It’s not much fun bringing a full bag of washing back home from your holidays. However, with Kingfisher self catering accommodation, you can do all your washing on site – so you don’t have to worry about this on your return. As well as a washing machine, many larger villas have facilities such as a TV and stereo system.

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