The size and diverse geology of the landscape means that there are several micro-climates in this region. Lowlands are milder in winter, the north can be a little cooler in summer. There are two separate climates in Aquitaine.

The coast is mild, with the Gulf stream to keep it warm. Inland, the weather can be more extreme and variable, with short winters that can get very cold (a week or two of cold blasts from the East with clear crisp blue skies with frost clinging to the branches of the predominant scrub oak), scorching heat waves in summer and enough rain to keep the countryside lush and green.

Generally, though, the summers in Nouvelle Aquitaine and Occitanie are reliably warm and sunny. Long, mostly sunny, Spring and Autumn seasons with pleasantly warm Summers of 25 to 28C degrees are typical summer temperatures though with occasional Saharan bursts of 35 to 40C degrees! And, although drier than the Dordogne, we have magnificent exciting thunderstorms, which clear the air after any prolonged period of humidity. For the most part, the air is clear and the evenings pleasantly warm and there is often a gentle breeze to counteract the warmth of the sun providing an ideal holiday destination.

It is one of the sunniest regions of France with over 2000 hours of sunshine per year. Spring comes early and this is the favourite time for walkers and ramblers. Between April and June the average temperatures are between 16 and 24C. Autumn often enjoys the warmth of an Indian summer with wonderful days spent under beautiful blue skies with temperatures between 21 and 25C. October, as well, is a perfect time to enjoy a few days peace and quiet with daytime temperatures averaging between 16 and 19C.

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