Booking with confidence

Booking with confidence

When you are booking a holiday rental, you want to be sure you’re choosing a place for comfort, pleasure and maybe even an exciting experience. We have a wonderful selection of beautiful cottages, villas and chateaux. Our clear and informative website makes it easy to choose exactly what you require. And our local presence and commitment to personal service means you can book with confidence.

Local knowledge and personalised advice when booking

Kingfisher Holidays operates from the Lot Valley/Quercy area of South West of France. We know all the listed properties first hand. And we share our knowledge of this beautiful region, places to visit, events to attend with our customers to guarantee their holiday will be a special one.

Following an enquiry, our personalised advice will ensure the property you choose will be suitable for your requirements. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms are usually top of the list of requirements. To facilitate your search on the website, all our properties are in clear categories

All our properties have a swimming pool but the pools vary in size and accessibility. It may be that your party requires a downstairs bedroom or a shower room rather than a bathroom. All these details are on the property page description, but we can always tell you more about those features.

Another area we can advise you on is travel. Essential information about airports, ports or rail stations in the area is found on the website, but we’re here to help with the details. 

Making your stay go as smoothly as possible

Sometimes customers arrive late. When they do, we make sure that there are clear directions that can be followed at night and arrange to leave lights on. In case of an early arrival, we will do our best to arrange for the property to be ready before the normal scheduled arrival time.

On the odd occasion that we get a severe thunderstorm or if we think the weather will affect you, we will contact you and advise you what action to take to minimise the impact.

Did you know that France often has different bank holiday days? For instance, the May Bank Holiday is on a Thursday rather than Monday. We can advise which shops will be open.

We provide a customer information book in all the properties, and we are close at hand to answer your questions, book restaurants, day trips and activities.

We’re also geared up to meet any special requirements. Should you need any help with hiring disabled equipment, we can help with this. Or if you have special dietary requirements, we can advise where to find these.

Confidence in our experience

Kingfisher has been specialising in high quality holiday lettings for over 30 years. We offer a personal service to customers, making sure you can enjoy a relaxing holiday from the moment you book, while you’re away, through to the moment you get home. We hope you will want to return again and again to this lovely area.

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