Benefits of Renting Your French Holiday Home from a Local Specialist

Benefits of Renting Your French Holiday Home from a Local Specialist

Renting a holiday home from a local specialist like Kingfisher can make a dramatic difference to the success of your visit to South West France. Not only does Kingfisher’s local knowledge help ensure you get the right property, but our local presence can also help make your stay as smooth, carefree and enjoyable as possible.

After 30 years of experience, we’re in a unique position to provide a level of service and security that is much better than the global, internet-only booking sites and direct owner rentals. The personal service we provide is only possible from a professional company that is present in the same area as your holiday rental.

Let’s look at the ways you benefit.

Beautiful, well-managed holiday homes

The impact of a local specialist agent like Kingfisher starts even before you begin your search for accommodation. Before taking on a property, we check that it meets the high standards of our portfolio. When necessary, we advise owners on any improvements or maintenance needed. And that’s not just when we first list a property, but every year. That way we’re sure there’s no gradual decline in appearance or amenities.

Because we are not the owners, we can inspect the properties with an objective sense of detachment. We’re not prone to exaggeration or blind to faults, as often happens with direct owner rentals. We look at the homes with the same fresh eyes you have when you arrive.

Knowing our properties ensures the right choice for you

We know the location, accommodation, amenities and condition of every individual property on our books. It’s a key advantage of being local – and one of the main reasons why 50% of our tenants return.

Our job is to help you decide which of our comfortable, well-equipped houses would best suit your individual requirements. To assist you, we’ve taken care on our website to give you accurate descriptions and excellent, representative photographs. But if you’re in any doubt, we’re more than happy to discuss your requirements. Tell us what you want, and perhaps what you want to avoid, by email or telephone.

Our aim is to ensure that when you book you know what to expect. The only surprise upon arrival should be your delight at things being just as you imagined – or better!

Local knowledge to enhance your stay

The advantages of a local specialist don’t end with the booking. One of the big bonuses of Kingfisher’s local presence is our knowledge of what’s available just a stone’s throw away. The Visitors’ Guide here on the website is great source of ideas for activities and places to visit. Then there’s also our blog where we post items of local interest. Check it out during your stay.

All of our properties have detailed guides for where to go and what to do. There is also an extensive network of local tourist offices in the Lot Valley and Quercy areas. The staff almost always speak English.

But for the latest happenings, for ideas for an innovative activity or for a steer in the direction of those special places only the locals know, we’re on hand to help.

Practical advice for making the most of your visit

Hopefully your holiday will throw up some good surprises. Decide to try a new sport? We can help you with sporting equipment rental. Need an extra car for an excursion with friends? We can point you to the best local car rental. Local knowledge allows us to respond to all kinds of practical questions.

Some questions arise from unexpected aspects of French life, for example, shops closed on Sunday, mid-week public holidays and – we know you’ll be skeptical – the occasional industrial inaction. When these throw a spanner in the works, we can give you pointers how to cope like a local.

Extra services to fill an unexpected gap

When you need a bit of extra help, we try our best to find it. A number of special services can be offered subject to availability including babysitting, cooking, cleaning and extra linen. These extras are only possible because we can draw on local resources.

At Kingfisher we leverage our local expertise in every way possible. We work with the owners to make sure you have a choice of beautiful properties that are maintained in excellent condition. During the booking process, we help match your requirements to the right property. All this is possible – and only possible – because we know each and every property intimately.

But the advantages of our local presence don’t just end with booking. We want your visit to be smooth, trouble-free and memorable. For that, we’re ready to give you any extra advice or assistance you need from our wealth of local knowledge and resources.

Talk to us about your requirements. We’re perfectly placed to find you the perfect villa, cottage or farmhouse for your summer holidays in South West France. And we’re just down the road, if you need us while you are here.


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