Holiday Home Owners in Lot Valley, Lot et Garonne (47), Tarn et Garonne (82), Lot (46) and Dordogne (24)


32 years’ experience

Kingfisher Holidays, established in 1987, is a holiday booking agency and is always looking for good quality properties with swimming pools to add to our portfolio of seasonal houses to let.

If you are considering letting, we would be delighted, with no commitment, to meet you and to see around your property. After 32 years we have a fair idea of the sort of property that appeals to tenants, the pitfalls of letting and the difficulty of pricing in a very competitive market. Kingfisher itself acts as a Booking Agent on behalf of Owners in return for a commission on lets achieved.

Over 50% of our tenants return

We advertise widely on suitable websites, magazines and newspapers with a much wider exposure than an individual Owner could afford for a single property. Nevertheless, having achieved a strong data base of tenants over the years, over 50% of our tenants are people who know Kingfisher Holidays and/or have stayed in one of the properties we offer in previous years. These tenants know the sort of property we let and know that we hate negative surprises as much as they do. We try to ensure that a tenant knows in advance of booking what to expect including anything that they wish to avoid as far as we can given the stated requirements.

Owners remain free to let their property themselves

If you already let your property yourself but would like to fill empty weeks, we can probably help. We do not require any exclusivity and will block off weeks that an Owner does not want us to let on their behalf. However, in order to avoid double bookings, we do need to act as the only booking point or office. As we let about 60+ properties, it is impossible for us to contact Owners whenever we receive an enquiry and tenants require an immediate answer when they choose a property that suits them. Any delay results in the enquirer booking elsewhere. As the only booking office, Owners need to check with us whether their property is available before using it or letting it themselves and it is impossible for Owners to work with a competing letting Agency.

Quality and attracting return tenants

Seasonal letting has become increasingly competitive over the years and tenants now expect good quality properties, furniture and beds. If Owners wish, we are happy to advise how their property might be improved and attract more demand. The most successful properties are those that attract return tenants though this will inevitably take time to achieve and will depend on the tenant enjoying a trouble free holiday in a comfortable property. Tenants are less keen on properties where the Owner lives on site and prefer private swimming pools.

Tenants often choose a property to rent by the photographs. It is very important that we are able to take photos in warm sun with leaves in the trees, swimming pools open, tidy interiors (including bedrooms ready for use and bath/shower rooms). If a photo appears not to attract tenants, we believe it is equally important and part of the way we work to take new ones in order to maximise rentals.

Managing the property

Kingfisher Holidays do not manage the properties and Owners need to appoint a good Manager (preferably English speaking) to look after their properties and deal with any problems speedily and efficiently that may arise.

Please contact us

If you are interested in discussing letting through us, we will be delighted to meet without any commitment, show you the Contract we use and to expand on anything that might be important to you.

or telephone +33 (0)5 53 40 71 13